One of VICA’s strengths is its ability to take care of apartment complex projects, both large and small. We have been providing HVAC systems in complexes throughout the life of the company. This level of experience and expertise has several advantages.

VICA understands the time constraints that are present during the construction of an apartment complex. Planning is essential. To facilitate the smooth completion of the project, we have put in place a system of construction that allows a seamless installation within a tight budget:

  • Plans are thoroughly checked in the planning stage for discrepancies and possible problem areas.
  • Duct systems are pre-fabricated prior to their required installation times.
  • A specifically trained “on-site” supervisor is present to assure timeliness.
  • Delivery schedules and on-site storage are coordinated at every stage of construction.
  • All materials required are pre-ordered to avoid delays due to back order.

VICA understands that as projects progress, changes may be necessary. Our project managers make themselves available to field engineer additions and deletions to the project scope. We also realize that problems do arise in the field. Our Company philosophy is to approach unforeseen difficulties with solutions rather than questions.