VICA is an HVAC company which has been specializing incustom homes in New Mexico for over 27 years. We have built our reputation on the highest quality and excellent service.

Custom Homes Albuquerque New Mexico

Our “base” system is considered by others in the industry to be an upgraded system. We use all hard pipe, not flexible duct. It makes little sense to build an 800+ thousand dollar home with a cheap, inefficient duct system.

One of the major advantages to using VICA is that we have our own in-house service department. Most other new-construction companies sub out their refrigeration and service work. Therefore, if you have a problem with the equipment (and it does happen occasionally), you may have to wait until another service company can be scheduled to make the service call. Since we do all our own service, we can respond in a much timelier manner. We also have several technicians with EPA refrigeration certifications, so we are legally able to install all our own refrigeration equipment, and understand how to do it properly.

Another advantage is that when you are in the design stage of a project, VICA is willing to assist our generals with laying out the HVAC system to help assure that it work properly.