For the best refrigerated air performance, match a High Efficiency R410A Condensing unit with one of our quality Furnaces. Available in a wide range of sizes and SEER ratings (efficiencies), split systems are an ideal way to upgrade your existing system to the comfort of refrigerated air!
Especially suited for new construction and commercial applications, a rooftop package refrigerated air system can be installed in a variety of configurations. Let us help you choose between cooling only, cooling with electric heat, or cooling with gas heat. These quality units are available in different sizes and SEER ratings to suit you needs and budget!
For the ultimate in Comfort, Dependability, and Energy Savings, VICA installs a complete line of gas furnaces with efficiencies up to 96.6%. These furnaces are known for their quiet and reliable operation. They can be retrofitted to replace your existing gas wasting furnace. Be sure to ask us about adding a Puron refrigerated air system for the ultimate in comfort!
When budget is a concern, VICA can install one of the many configurations of 80% Gas furnaces. Offering the same reliability and quality as the higher efficiency models, these will often save energy costs over your existing old technology furnace.
The EPA considers indoor pollution one of the five greatest environmental concerns today. VICA installs a wide variety of products ranging from HEPA filters and electronic air cleaners to mold inhibiting UVB lights for air conditioning coils. Call us today for a custom engineered system to meet your individual indoor air quality needs.
If an evaporative cooler suits your needs and budget, VICA carries a full line of high performance Mastercool single inlet coolers. Mastercool will provide cooler, more comfortable air for your home or business. VICA carries a full line of conventional coolers for those applications where budget is the primary factor. Call VICA today!
VICA Heating & Air Conditioning offers 1,3 and 5 year preventive maintenance agreements. We visit your site at predetermined intervals based on equipment manufacturer recommendation and the life of your contract. As an added bonus, you will receive a 10% discount on labor and a 18% discount on parts.